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Unfair Trade & Deceptive Business Practices

In a free enterprise system, it is expected that market players will vigorously compete with one another for business.  And generally speaking, fierce  competition is good.  But far too often a business will engage in fraudulent, unfair, or deceptive practices at the expense of competing companies and consumers.  Such practices can and do occur in virtually every industry. 

A complex network of federal and state laws protect fair competition by prohibiting unfair and deceptive trade practices, tortious interference with contract or prospective economic advantage, trade secret misappropriation, as well as other unwarranted restraints on free and open competition in commerce. 

At the Sequoia Law Firm, we represent both consumers and businesses that have been negatively impacted by any unlawful, unfair, anti-competitive, or fraudulent act or practice.  We carefully assess the facts of your case to determine possible claims you may have at the federal and state level and the remedies available to you.  If you believe that you are being treated unfairly or are the victim of deceptive business practices or unfair competition, contact the Sequoia Law Firm for a 30-minute consultation free of charge.