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Practice Areas

The Sequoia Law Firm focuses on the following areas of consumer protection law.  Click below to learn more. 
False Advertising & Unfair or Deceptive Business Practices

We represent consumers that have been negatively impacted by false advertising and unlawful, unfair, or fraudulent business acts or practices.  Such practices can take many forms, and exist in virtually every industry, from video games to food products.



Collection Lawsuit Defense

The Sequoia Law Firm specializes in representing consumers who face debt collection lawsuits and need guidance and representation responding to those claims.

Predatory Lending

At The Sequoia Law Firm, we fight to protect the rights of borrowers harmed by deceptive and unfair lending practices.

Auto Loan Deficiencies
We assist borrowers who have been sued (or will soon be sued) by auto lenders claiming a deficiency balance on an auto loan after repossession. 

Abusive Debt Collection

The Sequoia Law Firm represents individuals who have been harassed by collection agencies and law firms attempting to collect a debt.

Wage Garnishment & Bank Levies after Judgment

The Sequoia Law Firm fights to protect our clients’ hard-earned wages from being unfairly garnished from creditors.

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